Friday, 14 August 2015

July 2015 Hay Bridge to Braunston Turn

Mum & I went to Hay Bridge and joined Constance for twelve days. I moved the car up to Fenny Compton and walked back to Hay Bridge.
Walking from Warwickshire back into Oxfordshire

A second brood of ducklings for this Mum
 We set off from Hay Bridge heading north, passing...
The feed from Boddington Reservoir
 Had to wait a long time to pass through the Fenny Compton 'Tunnel' because of on-coming boats. It is very narrow!
Fenny Compton 'Tunnel'
 Passing the Wharf Inn...
The Wharf Inn - Fenny Compton
 Around Wormleighton Hill and under...
The Ladder Bridge partway round Wormleighton Hill
 Stopping for the night in a very remote spot...
A grass snake enjoying a swim
We were blessed with seeing this grass snake swimming in the canal. We were able to watch it for about an hour or so as it slowly swam from side to side of the canal and all around our boat.
The next day we moved on towards Napton...
The now famous 'farmer's field' mooring

Still with water around the boat

Arriving at Marston Doles

An escapee

Napton on the hill

Napton Marina

Wigram's Turn - the way up to Warwick & Birmingham

Arriving at Braunston Turn

Ready to turn left...

All clear to go (a quick look back at Braunston)

And onto the North Oxford Canal

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