Wednesday, 4 September 2013

Making the most of the fine weather

The weather forecast looks good for the next couple of days. Time to do some (long outstanding) painting on the roof. Back in the late spring I managed to get one of the roof sections up to the 2nd undercoat stage. The summer has been too hot/threatening wet, too windy etc. to paint.
I moved from Hilperton to a bit of Armco that I could remember about 1.5 miles east. This would give a good surface to work from.
It looks better than the grey undercoat. Now I need to wash the front section so that they both look good and green. The towpaths are good on the western end of the K&A, this is because it is a National Cycleway. The down-side of this from a boating perspective is the dust. As the cyclists pass at speed they kick up a cloud of dust which settles all over the boat.

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