Monday, 30 September 2013


The Boat Safety Test was booked for Thursday evening. I spent some of Thursday checking everything was OK. Mike Price came (he only lives a couple of miles from Semington) and did all the checks he needed to do to satisfy himself that the boat passed her safety checks. Hooray! One less thing to worry about.
Friday I spent preparing the aft section of the roof ready for painting. In the evening I went and joined a number of the local boaters at 'The Somerset Arms' just down the road. One of the talented local boaters provided the entertainment and then handed a great variety of percussion instruments around the audience. With a bit of prompting everyone started to create rhythms and beats, getting louder and faster as the evening progressed. It was quite magical in its own way. I thoroughly enjoyed myself.
On Saturday I continued painting then went to a 'Boot & Barge Music Festival' at the same hostelry. This was an all afternoon and evening event. Some of the groups were really good and got us all going. Another great evening.
Sunday was a bit more of a day of rest.
 The aft section of the roof is now grey undercoat
 The stick on the left marks a giant dog turd that I do not want to step on!
The wraps go back on now that the paint is dry.
The next job will be to get some green gloss on the roof so it will all be the same colour. Next spring I will attack the wooden hatch to see if I can re-caulk it and make it water-tight. That is the main reason for having the (faded) orange tarpaulin over it.

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