Monday, 16 September 2013

To Bradford-on-Avon in the rain

My time on that lovely mooring where I could do the work has come to an end and I need to be nearer to Bradford-on-Avon for next weekend. The forecast was not good. With bicycle on board I turned and set off for BoA. Sure enough it started to drizzle, then the drizzle turned to rain. Anywhere after Widbrook Bridge would do, but it was pretty much nose to tail with boats all along the straight bit before Sainsbury's bridge. The short term moorings on the approach to BoA were no good as I need to be able to stop for a week, so it was down through the lock and hope for the best.
The volunteer 'Lockies' were a welcome sight and cheerfully helped me through the lock in the rain. Beyond the Tithe Barn it was boats as far as the eye could see. Eventually there was a Constance length gap and a mooring was made. It was hissing down by now and I had to cycle all the way back to Hilperton to retrieve the car. Nothing for it but to grin and bear it. Luckily it was not too cold.
With car retrieved and parked near the Tithe Barn it was batten down for the night and dry off. Tomorrow will be a different day...

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