Thursday, 12 September 2013

Taking advantage of location 2

More cleaning, preparation and painting.
The engine bay area - I decided to clean out a much greater area. I liked the grey of the Danboline, it made the deck much lighter coloured and easier to see. As the vertical surfaces were black, I cleaned them up and painted them with the grey Danboline.
You could eat your dinner off the clean surface! Having put two coats on, it will take a while to completely harden, so it was left in favour of another paint job.
Some while ago I started cleaning and painting the gunwale walk ways. Both sides have been cleaned, primed and had two undercoats. As the port side is alongside a coat of black gloss was applied, followed, the next day, by a coat of non-slip black gloss. The kind of paint that has sand in it.

It is impossible to see the graininess of the sand, but it can be contrasted with the glossy half inch of gutter nearest the vertical panel of the cabin-side. It is now non-slip.
Carrying on - the panel below the gunwale takes a bit of a beating and has been looking tatty for some while so that go the rubbing down, de-rust, priming and first undercoat treatment.
Now ready for further painting. My time on this wonderful location is coming to an end, the weather is closing in and becoming very autumnal so my chances of getting another coat on over the next few days is getting a bit slim.

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