Wednesday, 20 August 2014

And on to Cosgrove

We moved gently on to Wolverton and then on to Cosgrove.
The new aqueduct
 Just as you enter Wolverton, before you get to the station there is this wonderful mural. Sorry if I have overdone the pictures a bit, but the detail is fantastic. No two coaches are the same. It must have taken ages to paint.

 After you have gone through Wolverton you head north over the valley of the River Great Ouse. At first this is made of a big embankment, not that you can see much because of the trees. Then you come to the Iron Aqueduct which takes you high over the River Great Ouse.
The iron trough over the Great Ouse
 Approaching the iron aqueduct over the River Great Ouse.
The River Great Ouse

And again

Not much of a 'wall' on the right hand side!
The Buckingham Arm
 At Cosgrove is the junction of the now defunct Buckingham Arm of the canal. The first couple of hundred yards are used as mooring space then there is a dam under what was the first bridge.
The Buckingham Arm after the dam
 After that you can follow the course of the old canal. It would be nice if it could be brought back into use someday.

Artwork at Cosgrove Lock
 Under the trees beside Cosgrove Lock is this sculpture.
I guess he's punting, not what I first thought...
 Cosgrove village was split in half by the coming of the canal. The Horse Tunnel allows you to pass under the canal and get to the Barley Mow pub. We did and had an excellent meal!
The Horse Tunnel - Cosgrove

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  1. Good for us to read your continuing adventures. We had a few days on board staying in the marina and clearing out the spiders!