Wednesday, 20 August 2014

Onward to Milton Keynes

I must admit, I had expected a little more of Marsworth than just the Aylesbury Arm. We came across evidence of the 'double locks' that were installed to help speed up traffic on the GU, back in its heyday. A narrow set of locks were built alongside the wide locks. This allowed narrow-boats to pass and used less water.
The narrow lock entrance can be seen to the left of the main lock
And below the double lock is the bridge for the narrow lock to the right

At Grove Lock

The top of the 'Soulbury Three'

We are down through Soulbury
 We came down the 'Soulbury Three' locks but it was very windy. When we emerged from the bottom lock a number of the boats waiting to come up had got caught by the wind and were all over the canal. A bit of tricky navigation was needed to get clear without hitting anyone.
We stopped at Fenny Stratford and met up with Carole on 'Marmite' (Carole & Robin were previous owners of Constance).

Milton Keynes - Campbell Park.
The amusing clock in Milton Keynes shopping Mall
So that's where the concrete cows have gone!
The concrete cows used to live in a field on the western outskirts on Milton Keynes, now they are in pride of place inside the main shopping mall. As you have probably guessed, we did spend a day in the shopping mall. They have 'man seats' all down the aisles of the mall which is great for unenthusiastic shoppers like me. Give me a newspaper and a cup of tea an a 'man seat' and I am happy whilst Judy goes off shopping.
We stayed not far from Woolstone and enjoyed an excellent meal at the Barge Inn. It was well worth the walk to find it!

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