Wednesday, 20 August 2014

Hemel Hempstead to Northchurch

Judy & I brought Constance from Hemel Hempstead (just above the Fishery Inn, near Chaulden/Boxmoor) to Berkhamsted. It was pretty hot (then). Judy wanted to see Berkhamsted Castle (or what remains of it) because of its importance in times gone by.
The Rising Sun Pub, Berkamsted - a popular watering hole.
 We had a little difficulty persuading the locals to remove their pints/dogs/children from around the balance beams etc., to let us through. They were just having such a great time in the sunshine with their beer!
The outer walls of Berkhamsted Castle

An old house on Akeman Street in Berkhamsted

Through the beautiful park - Berkhamsted

We saw quite a bit of bankside/towpath repairs going on - hooray for C&RT!

St. Mary's Church, Northchurch - has Anglo Saxon origins.
 Wherein lies the grave of Peter the Wild Boy 
The 15th/16th Century Almshouses...

...or Church House...

as seen from Akeman Street

They must have been little people judging from the size of their front door.
Unfortunately we could not get into the church to see the Anglo-Saxon wall parts but it is reputed to be the oldest church in Hertfordshire.

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