Wednesday, 20 August 2014

Northchurch to Marsworth

After Northchurch we passed through Cow Roast (nothing to do with the cooking of meat - more likely a corruption of Cow Rest, as the cows rested for the night on their way to the markets of London) and then through the long and dark Tring Cutting to the village of Bulbourne. Here we stopped for the night, but not before enjoying  pint in the Grand Junction Arms. Just around the corner from the pub is the junction with the Wendover Arm and Marsworth Top Lock.
The works at Bulbourne

The Wendover Arm - Constance has been down there in a previous life...
 The Wendover Arm was built as a feeder (water supply) for the top level of the Grand Union Canal and is currently under restoration.
Marsworth Top Lock
We are ready to go down the Marsworth flight of locks.
At the bottom lock I found several trees full of ripe damsons. Needless to say, I stopped and picked some of the delicious fruit. Afterwards we walked around Marsworth looking for  shop, but there was nothing, only a couple of pubs/eating houses. So we moved gently on.

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