Saturday, 4 October 2014

Claydon to Banbury

After a couple of days near Hay Bridge I needed a shower. Hot water necessitates the engine to be run, so I moved a couple of locks down to Claydon Middle lock.
Claydon Top Lock
 Incidentally - the house on the right in the photo is currently for sale - no road access, no electricity & no gas. I expect it will sell for a good price because of the location!
And now we are green again!
 At last it was time to paint the side green. Here is a photo after the first green has been applied.
Down through Claydon Locks
 We are now moving on towards Cropredy as we need water and rubbish disposal.
Old Ridge & Furrow fields abound

Approaching the north of Cropredy
 To the north of Cropredy there is an off-side group of boats in a long-term mooring area. There are also a number of shepherd's huts as well. Most of them are quite colourful.
The entrance to the new Cropredy Marina

Cropredy Lock

Leaving Cropredy behind

The M40 cris-crosses the Oxford canal many times

As we enter Banbury from the north.
Anywhere here will do for us to moor for a few days. The approaching Banbury Canal Day means we will have to move on before the weekend but shopping in Banbury is quite high on the list of things to do.

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