Thursday, 23 October 2014

The start of winter maintenance

Now that the holiday season is pretty much over and the good weather is behind us it is time to settle down and do a bit of maintenance.
The room that we (laughingly) call our bathroom is very small. This is almost an understatement. It is about 2 feet wide and about 4 feet deep. There is a shower tray and working shower. This is a most welcome attribute and I have no intention of making any changes to that. I might move the rails (from which the shower curtain hangs to allow a little more room whilst one is in the shower - showering.
At the rear of the bathroom is a small avocado/greenish coloured (Yuk!) mini hand basin. We have never used it. To reach it you would have to stand in front of the Porta-potti loo and reach over it to use the sink. I have decided to remove it. The panel on which it is mounted was made of chipboard and the bottom of this panel has, at some time become wet. It is basically rotten! In the picture below you can just see the 'U' bend of the little sink, which is about to come out. Anyone want a small green wash basin? Never used!
The loo normally sits here
 In the picture above, the floor panel that the loo sits on has been lifted out, so that is the bottom of the boat down there in the rusty, slimy mirk. This is to be cleaned out on my next visit. The (now dry) dampness that has afflicted the wall panel can be clearly seen as can the holes through it.
The rusty lump is the engine cooling side tank
 The top of the engine side wall cooling tank are a bit rusty. The side panels are OK, it is just superficial rust. When the sink and the panel have been removed this will all be relatively easy to clean up.
Looking through above the swim tank towards the stern
But first of all the water pipes for the shower have to be capped off and the pipes for the sink removed.
At least it is an indoor job. It does not mater what the weather is doing, or even if it is daylight or night-time!


  1. Goodness me Colin, you have some work to do there!

    1. Yes,

      The rust is not quite as horrendous as it looks, most is fairly superficial. The bilge itself is in good condition underneath a soft, slightly greasy layer of brown slime. I have some special biological cleaner for the gunge. I should post again late next week with the results of my efforts.
      Hope you are both keeping well.