Saturday, 4 October 2014

Fenny Compton to Claydon

For my wife
My wife is known as Jude - so this one is for you...

As you leave Fenny Compton wharf you pass the Fenny Compton Marina then into what is known as Fenny Compton Tunnel. When the canal was first built there was a tunnel at this point. The tunnel proved to be a bottleneck as it was very narrow, so the land above was purchased and the tunnel opened up to become a cutting.

The bridge at the start of Fenny Compton Tunnel
 The cutting is very narrow, I do not think that two boats can pass each other. Once out of the 'tunnel' you pass some extensive old (now defunct) railway structures. This is an old bridge that passed over the canal.
Old railway brickwork
 Then it is out into the sunshine and the first of the famous Oxford Canal Lift Bridges. This one is known as 141 Boundary Lift Bridge because it is on the Oxfordshire/Warwickshire county border.
Boundary Lift Bridge
 Constance was then moored for a day or two just above Hay Bridge, near Claydon. It was a nice and peaceful, out of the way place where I could run the generator without any possibility of causing annoyance to anyone.
C&RT maintenance boat
 This strange looking maintenance boat went by. If he had attempted to go any faster the water would have come over his foredeck.
Another coat of grey
 Claydon was an ideal place for painting and the weather was good. The previous grey undercoat was rubbed down and another coat applied.
looking better by the day!

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